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WholeSale Products Dynamic Pricing Management WooCommerce

WholeSale Products Dynamic Pricing Management WooCommerce


WholeSale Products Dynamic Pricing Management for Multiple User Roles plugin to manage WooCommerce B2B Store

Do you have different wholesale customers and you need to apply dynamically different pricing for wholesale products?

This WordPress plugin is a wholesale management system that makes your Eshop turn into a WooCommerce B2B store.
You will be able to define multiple Wholesale User Roles and apply dynamic wholesale prices per Role for your Wholesale Products.
Logged in Users assigned with a wholesale role will be able to view dynamic prices already defined and moreover will also be able to buy these products based on wholesale prices.
You will be able to apply wholesale product pricing with ease for your simple products (PRO Version for Variable Products)

  • You are not limited to one wholesale role, you can create unlimited!

How it Works

  • By default, the plugin creates a wholesale role, with which you can do the job.
  • However, you can create your own roles for wholesale customers with ease from the settings page.
  • Once roles are defined, wholesale prices fields for each role will be available in the product’s edit screen.
  • Then you just need to add you prices via each product edit screen
  • Add a wholesale role to a User
  • A logged in user with a wholesale role you defined, will be viewing the defined prices and will be able to add to cart based on the new prices

GET PRO Version to apply dynamic pricing for Variable Products, per Category, global Wholesale Discount, minimum Quantities and much more

Wholesale Products Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce Features

  • Add multiple wholesale user roles easily
  • Assign wholesale prices per wholesale role per product – Simple products Support
  • View the wholesale prices in the backend in products list table
  • Logged in users assigned the role will view wholesale prices for the products – wholesale price will replace initial prices for the logged in users
  • Logged in users are able to buy based on dynamic pricing defined
  • You able to define a suffix text for wholesale prices, visible in frontend
  • Translation Ready
  • Currency Compatible


PRO Plugin Features

  • Assign wholesale prices for simple and variable products
  • For variable products pricing will be possible in each product variation
  • Assign Minimum Quantity for WooCommerce Simple and Variable Products per wholesale role
  • Assign Step Quantities for WooCommerce products per wholesale role, so that wholesale assigned users will be forced to buy in bulk quantities
  • Product dynamic pricing per product Category – you will be able to apply discount % based on the product category instead of updating product prices 1by1
  • Dynamic Pricing based on Global Discount %. You will be able to apply discount % globally for all your catalog’s products instead of updating product prices 1by1.
  • Define the type of pricing per product – choose between Fixed amount or percentage of discount
  • Product Visibility Control of your WooCommerce Store – Limit Products View to logged in users assigned a wholesale role



  • Wholesale Products Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce Backend Settings Page
  • Product List Table wholesal price info columns
  • Shop Page Price Suffix for Wholesale


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory and unzip, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to WooCommerce / Wholesale Management tab to view plugin settings, create wholesale roles.
  4. Go to each of your products edit page and assign prices per role.


Do I need to add a wholesale role?

The plugin on activation by default creates a role, so you can directly start applying your prices.

What if I have different User roles?

You can create multiple comma separated roles in plugin’s settins so you will get a price field for each of these roles!

What if I want to change the namings or add more User roles?

In this case the plugin will detect automatically the previous roles and delete them, create the new or add just the new ones

What about minimum quantities for wholesale products or step quantities?

This is available in the PRO Version

What about wholesale pricing for Product Variations?

This is available in the PRO Version


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